We are available from 7AM to 8PM UK time on our email ([email protected]) and our Twitter (@authbaseco).


General Questions

I want to change my password.

You can change your password here.

What are the limits for uploading images?

Images have to be under 10MB and be either JPEG, PNG or GIF. For push notifications, try to keep thes size of the image as small as possible. is a good service for this (not affiliated).

I haven't recieved a code in my email. What should I do?

It may take 5-10 minutes to recieve your Authcode, so be patient. If you've waited and still haven't recieved it, try checking the Status page for Authpush or try requesting the code again.

I want to refund a payment from Authbase. How?

If your bought an Authbase App Slot less than 14 days ago, go to your Payments page and find your Payment ID. Send us an email at [email protected] from your email associated with your account, enclosing your username and payment ID from your transaction, and we'll refund the payment and remove the purchased app slot from your account.


How can I get more than 3 Authbase apps on my account?

When you've used all 3 of your free Authbase app slots, you can pay £0.79 in order to unlock a new one. This is a one-time payment secured by Stripe.


Someone is posting threats about me in a pseudonym. What do I do?

You should probably email us so we can identify the type of threats and take action as soon as possible. If it's a matter of safeguarding, please specify that in the title so topic will be given higher priority.

Someone's pretending to be me in a pseudonym. Can you do something?

We'll need an email specifying what they're doing and identification proof (we'll give more details).


Authpush isn't sending notifications to my device, what should I do?

Restart the app on your device, try reinstalling and making sure notifications are turned on.


Authbase uses cookies to help identify users. By using Authbase, you agree to having such cookies stored on this browser.

That's fine!
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