About Authbase

Authbase (est. 2018) are a set of tools designed to help make advanced tasks simple & accessible, like sending push notifications or verifying your identity on anonymous websites.

At the heart of Authbase, we have three main goals: make it simple, fast and secure. Simplicity is at the core of everything we do. Our products such as Authlogin and Authpush are simple to intergrate into your existing apps, with usually less than 50 lines of code.

Speed drives the reliability of our services, from allowing users to recieve push notifications in seconds, and allowing users to login using their Authbase account - everything is done at a lightning speed that won't dissapoint the user.

Finally, and most importantly, security is the backbone of our services. Authpush verifies the user without having them even log in, yet keeping their notifications secured to their phone only. Authbase Accounts are also extremely secure, adopting industry standards by using the latest in password security.

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